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We are a family-operated veneer plant now in its third generation with a focus on European and African wood varieties.

Foundation of the veneer plant in Gütersloh

Foundation of the spliced veneer department

Purchase of a site with properties in Beelen, subsequent rental

Investment in a new BABCOCK thin cutting machine and a CREMONA Staylog machine

Relocation of the veneer plant and the spliced veneer department to Beelen

Katrin and Christian Schlautmann join the company

Additional offer of diverse contract work for veneer and lumber production

Pioneer in photography of veneers: commissioning of the KLEISTRONIK VENEER IMAGERS . Each veneer package produced is automatically photographed and stored with the size of the package.

Purchase of a new transverse strip laminator for spliced veneer production


Katrin and Christian Schlautmann joined the business in 1995/96. Katrin Schlautmann took over the management in the commercial sector and Christian Schlautmann in the technical area and in round timber purchasing.

Katrin Schlautmann
Katrin Schlautmann

Commercial management
+49 25 86 93 13 – 16

Christian Schlautmann
Christian Schlautmann

Technical management / round timber purchasing

+49 25 86 93 13 – 12


We have been an FSC®-certified company since 2011 and have therefore stood for sustainable forestry and the prevention of illegal logging for many years. Ask about our FSC®-certified products.

German Timber Trade Security Act (HolzSiG)

EU Regulation No. 995/2010

The objective of the Act and of the Regulation is to prevent timber and timber products from illegal logging from being introduced to the domestic market.

Having received its FSC® certification in 2011, SCHLAUTMANN has promoted sustainable forestry and the prevention of illegal logging for many years.

Therefore, a due diligence rule in line with the EU standard has formed the basis for our import business as a veneer manufacturer. For many years, we have required our suppliers to furnish certificates of origin for the timber we use.

As a matter of principle, our company avoids the use of timber

  • that was harvested illegally
  • that originates from forests in which traditional or basic civil rights are breached
  • that originates from non-FSC®-certified forests that have a high need for protection or that are in danger
  • that originates from natural forests that have been converted into plantations or non-forest use
  • that originates from forests in which genetically modified trees have been planted

Wood is a natural resource and, as such, ecologically very valuable to the production process.

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